The last wild rivers are under urgent threat. Our mission is to inspire communities and to spark systems change to safeguard our planet’s lifeblood—the free-flowing rivers. 

In a world where most rivers have been tamed by dams and diversions, with a staggering 1.2 million barriers in Europe alone, most of us have never even seen a wild river.

Today, more people are starting to realise the importance of restoring our rivers and of protecting these vital ecosystems. At Riverlov we are working towards keeping the rivers free flowing for everyone.

The battle over the last wild rivers is unfolding. Fresh water is the most valuable resource and it will define our collective survival in the face of climate change. In the Balkans, 3500 dam projects threaten to erase these rivers. Our mission is clear: ensure these lifeblood rivers keep running free—for everyone. 

  1. Stop Komarnica dam development.
  2. 6k+ signatures for policy change for river protection in Montenegro towards the next wild river national park.
  3. Civic engagement and widespread awareness about the importance of wild rivers locally and globally.

Full overview and resources: Riverlov Ebook

Riverlov is a campaign running under Montenegrin Ecology Society/ Crnogorsko društvo ekologa